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Suwannee Democrats

 1740 Ohio Avenue, South

 Live Oak, FL  32064

Phone: 386-647-4600

Ted Rouch (R)


14512 - 48th Street

Live Oak, FL 32060

Phone: 386-362-4720

Jerry Taylor (NP)

School Board D1

301 Miller Street, SE
Live Oak, FL 32064
Phone: 386-249-0234

Norman Crawford

School Board D2

14549 CR 250
Live Oak, FL 32060
Phone: 386-364-8124

Tim Alcorn (NP)

School Board D3

4821 85th Road
Live Oak, FL 32060
Phone: 386-965-5287

Ed DeSilva (NP0

School Board D4

10723 - 184th Street
McAlpin, FL 32062
Phone: 386-362-8763

Ronald White (NP)

School Board D5

Biden Cabinet

US Senate

US House

Federal Officials

County Officials

City Officials

School Board

Our Values

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